Are there any opening hours for Singltrek Česká Lípa?

From the point of view of the legislation of the Czech Republic, the trails are always open, 24 hours a day, all year round. From time to time, there may be closures on the trails due to ongoing logging, trail repairs or possible calamities (wind breaks). During melting and long rains, the trails may be waterlogged, please start using them when we let you know (HERE) that they are ready.

Is there an entrance fee at Singltrek Česká Lípa?

There is no entrance fee for Singltrek Česká Lípa. From the point of view of the legislation of the Czech Republic, the trails are freely accessible to all. If you are visiting Česká Lípa and using Singltrek, support the development of tourism by using local services.

Which bike is suitable for Singltrek? Is it possible to rent a bike?

You can sing Singltrek Česká Lípa on any bike, but you will enjoy it the most on a mountain bike. There are no services directly connected with Singltrek Česká Lípa. It is not possible to rent a bike.

What will the weather be like?

If you are considering whether to go, check out this proven weather forecast for Česká Lípa or also HERE . Do not take unnecessary risks in storms, heavy rains and strong winds. On the contrary, if it's cold, raining or drizzle, it's no obstacle to an absolutely great ride when you have good equipment.

What about Singltrek?

The most important cycling equipment are helmet and gloves. Bring a drink, a small snack to quickly replenish your energy (such as a muesli bar), a spare soul or gluing kit, a pump and basic tools with you on the trail. We also recommend throwing a light windbreaker, a hat or scarf under the helmet and spare socks into the backpack. Before leaving, carefully check the condition of the trails and safety information.

Can a dog on Singltrek?

By law, the same conditions apply to the movement of dogs as elsewhere in the forest - their free running is prohibited.

Children and Singltrek Česká Lípa

Singltrek Česká Lípa is suitable for children! If you have children older than 5 years, go on a company ride.

We do not recommend riding the Singltrek Česká Lípa trails with wheelchairs, children in a seat and on a tow bar. Narrow paths are suitable for children only from the moment when they are able to ride a bike on their own. Not all bottlenecks or bends in the trails can be driven with the truck or drawbar. At the same time, narrow paths require relatively deft maneuvering, which can be dangerous for children in a car seat.

With small children, always be careful and foresight on the trails. Always go to the child. Be careful that the child does not get in the way of another rider. At the same time, be considerate of other people on the trails, do not brake others unnecessarily, let the faster riders in front of you. If children need to rest for a while, do not stand or sit on the trail and be sure not to leave bikes or other things on the trail.

Children should always wear a helmet when riding a Singltrek. During the ride, make sure that their helmet holds well on their heads, does not fall and does not unfold.

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